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Welcome to Exhaust Notes - The Driver-Series Blog

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So it was time to put the brakes on my old blog. I may still post up occasionally on it, but really the blog attached to this site is the future of my blog efforts. What will you find here? Thoughts and rants about stuff automotive, the occasional TOP TEN list (hey they drive traffic to the blog and site) and other random stuff that I will riff on. I used to post up on a lot, but it slowed over the years as I started writing guest columns for Planet-9, Flussig Magazine, 9 Magazine and Slipstream Magazine. I will try to get more content posted here so you, my dear reader have something to chew on. 

Hope you like the blog, please comment on the content and PLEASE buy my books so I can afford to keep this site up and humming along. 

And on that exhaust note...until next time.