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What was it Rene said? Oh Yeah, there are some things better left to the security services. Yep, this should be one of them

Cover3-Turmoil (2).jpg

The Anti-Drivers. A shadowy group of hired thugs that troll the dark web for a different set of clients. They are hired to intercept Drivers and take their cargo, no matter the cost. Now dead bodies and wrecked carcasses of cars litter the continent and even the national security agencies are taking notice.

Rene Dufour is mending from injuries sustained in an accident, so his friend, co-racer and protégé Marc Lange is taking up the slack. Problem is, Marc is juggling being a racer, team owner, businessman, lover and Driver. Something has to give.

And when Marc is pulled into a clandestine group working with the national security agencies as bait for the Anti-Drivers he knows he is in way over his head. What is it that Rene once told him - oh yeah, ‘some things are best left to the security services’. Yep, this should be one of them.