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The excitement continues, follow Marc Lange in Book II of The Driver

Cover2-Training (2).jpg

Marc Lange knows how to drive a racecar at the edge—that fine line between victory and catastrophe. But his team is only one blown engine away from shuttering the doors and his dreams of championships hang in that precarious balance. But then, at the last possible second, Rene Dufour slides into his life in a crazy four-wheel drift.  
Rene made a deal with Marc. He would fund the team if Marc did something for him in return. Rene showed him his world, the world of a Driver, a shadowy group of paid mercenaries that take people or things from point A to point B. Off the grid, off the radar, but with one important distinction: no questions asked.  
The deal with Rene almost got Marc killed. He barely survived, but when he counted up the piles of Euros stacked in front of him he knew his fate was sealed. “The Driver - Book II” picks up on the action right where “Book I” leaves off. Now Marc is in training to be a Driver. Training that will save his life. But is he ready?