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Most likely I was doomed to write. It runs in the family. My Aunt is a noted author and my Mom wrote a crazy time-travel sci-fi novel that featured Hatshepsut for crying out loud. But being a card carrying gear head, it kind of figures that once I hit the keyboard and started typing out the pages of my own novel it just had to involve cars and racing and guns, tons of fights and car chases - lots of car chases. 

Ya know...I wrote these books to entertain. I call them airplane novels. As in you start it in..say Boston and finish it in San Fran. Six solid hours of page turning action-adventure. Will you learn anything life altering? Nah...but you might learn a few things about racing and cars in general. Think of it as a public service. As in you are talking to a bunch of gear heads and you remember what PDK or understeer or Kevlar is and you can speak to it. Or you know the difference between CZ and Glock. Mission done...

The recent addition of The Driver Book III - Turmoil joins Book I - Decision and Book II - Training, continuing to tell the story of the evolution of Marc Lange. I am slowing but surely writing Book IV - Tension and will add yet another chapter to Marc Lange's story. Please buy them all, I think you will find them fun. Enjoy!

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